Mining Area

Mining area of 24 acres Mr. Ajay Kharbanda is owning and in control of 2 Mining leases , totalling 24 acres ie 16 acres in the name of ANJ Mining LLP and 8 acres in his own name at Chintamani Taluk, Chikballapur District

Mine Reserves

For a period of 20 years i.e., 2041.


Form – 106 (2b) from the Director of Mines Safety, which is the highest permission in Mining Industry

Stone Crushing

Unit 17-acre land taken on lease for setting up a stone crushing unit within the mine vicinity & obtained necessary permissions (Declaration of safe zone, consent for establishment from KPCB and land conversion to industrial land)

Selling Potential

100,000 tons per month of M-Sand and Aggregate


umulative Revenues: INR 1,350 crores during the lifetime of the mine with a profit of INR 450 crores