What is M sand

M sand is properly known as Manufactured Sand. M sand is a type of artificial sand that is created by crushing big, hard stones, mostly boulders or granite, into small particles and then washing and carefully grading the resulting powder. It is frequently used in construction as a river sand alternative, mostly in the creation of concrete and mortar mix.

Sand that has been manufactured has the requisite fines gradation, form, smooth texture, and consistency. The concrete structure is strengthened by these characteristics. The density of M sand is about 1850 kg/m3. Its specific gravity is about 2.56.

Why Choose M-Sand ?
M-Sand, or manufactured sand, is a high-quality alternative to traditional river sand. It is made by crushing hard granite rocks and is free from impurities, making it superior in quality to river sand. Here are some of the benefits of using M-Sand in your construction projects:

Consistent quality: M-Sand is made in controlled conditions, ensuring that it meets high-quality standards consistently. This is not the case with river sand, which can have varying levels of impurities and particle sizes.

Environmentally friendly: M-Sand is an eco-friendly alternative to river sand. Its production process uses less water and produces less dust and noise pollution than traditional sand mining. Improved strength and durability: M-Sand has a higher compressive strength than river sand, making it ideal for use in construction projects that require high-strength concrete.

Cost-effective: M-Sand is more affordable than river sand and reduces the overall cost of construction projects.


Quality of M-Sand: Ensure that the supplier meets the quality standards set by the Indian Standards Institute (ISI). The supplier should provide you with test reports to confirm the quality of their M-Sand.

Availability: Choose a supplier that can provide a consistent supply of M-Sand, even during peak construction seasons. The supplier should have adequate production capacity to meet your needs.

Price and affordability: Compare prices from different suppliers to find the best value for your money. However, do not compromise on quality for the sake of lower prices.

Delivery and logistics: The supplier should have a reliable and efficient delivery system to ensure that the M-Sand is delivered to your construction site on time.

Customer service: Choose a supplier that provides excellent customer service and support. They should be responsive to your needs and address any issues that arise promptly.Unniversal Sand Solution has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support. They are responsive to your needs and address any issues that arise promptly.