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Manufactured Sand

Manufactured Sand is produced by crushing inert igneous rock in a scientific manner by using technologically advanced and sophisticated machinery. The sand produced by this process is free from any impurities, best suited for all kinds of construction due to its shape, size and consistent quality.

What is Manufactured Sand?

Manufactured sand is crushed fine aggregate produced from a source material and designed for use in concrete or for other specific products. Production generally involves crushing, screening and possibly washing.

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Why Manufactured Sand?

M-sand or Manufactured sand is the best option when considering price and availability. As the natural sand is not replenished at the rate it is being used, the government has begun to promote manufactured sand.

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An Eco-Friendly Decision

Natural sand that comes with all its silt, impurity and the environmental threat, or cleaner, purified, made-to-order M-sand that help construct cities and reconstruct the earth? We feel proud to supply an eco-friendly alternative sand to save earth.
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Unchecked illegal mining of Riverbeds is leading to extensive erosion and a possible ecological nightmare. Using M-Sand not only saves money, gives better results but also is critical to save the planet.

Adopt Manufactured Sand for a better tomorrow.


Meet The Aspiring replacement of River sand that Is Redefining Standards Of Construction Industry
Use M-Sand to curb Sand Mining and To Save Earth

Stona Sand was founded with a focus on delivering innovative and sustainable minerals with superior customer service.

Promoters of Stona Sand arise out of mining and manufacturing background with 2 decades of experience in mining and mineral processing. Stona Sand is focused to produce the best quality product with high efficacy and value. Later the central government policy change on usage of natural river sand to protect environment; we saw this as a chance to save the environment and started setting up our factories.

The first plant is up and running in south Bangalore, we are coming up with a few more plants in central Bangalore and spreading across the developing cities in the country.

  • Concrete Sand

    0-4.75 mm

  • Plastering Sand

    0-2.36 mm

  • Aggregate Yeilds

    12 mm, 20 mm, 40 mm

  • Granular Sub Base

    0-63 mm

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We deliver an eco-friendly, cleaner, purified, made-to-order M-sand that help construct cities and reconstruct the earth.