Building Material Must for any Type of Construction

5 Building material is definitely required for any type of construction. Before you plan for construction any project whether it is industrial, commercial or personal, one understand the key components that are required for construction. The key components comprise of steel, Stona Sand Msand, cement, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, ready-mix concrete and binding wires, bricks[…]

Sand Crisis Across the Globe with stats

Sand traditionally has been a local product. However, regional shortages and sand mining bans in some countries are turning it into a globalized commodity. Its international trade value has skyrocketed, increasing almost sixfold in the last 25 years. Profits from sand mining frequently spur profiteering. In response to rampant violence stemming from competition for sand,[…]


If Santa is real: what gift would a civil contractor would demand?

Sad Santa Contractor: Hey Santa, it is your time of the year and you don’t seem happy as always! Santa: I am just upset. The environment looks all ruined and damaged, what have you guys done to build concrete forests? Contractor: We didn’t have other options Santa, or did we? Santa: Of course you did![…]

use M-sand to curb sand mining

Use mSand to curb Sand Mining

Love nature, water and greenery around you! Ever thought those tall and fancy buildings can be built without ruining the nature and eroding the lands! Switch to options like manufactured sand from the traditional river sand and do your bit to protect the nature. Thousands of animals die every day coz we destroy their habitat[…]