M Sand Dealership in Bangalore and How it Works?

M-Sand is the future of the construction industry.
Since mining of river sand almost banned in most parts of the country due to its overexploitation and the involvement of sand mafia. M-Sand Came into existence providing an eco-friendly solution to replace the use of river sand in the construction industry.
This change provided a lot of opportunities to manufacturers as well as traders and M-Sand Dealers to get involved and generate some capital. The major factor in the supply of M-Sand is the transportation. Within a radius of 60kms the transportation cost may go up to 40 % of the total price. A certain amount of Royalty is also paid to the Department of Mines & Geology alongside some other taxes. This amount varies from state to state. Creating a lot of hurdles for manufacturers to go through, which gives a perfect opportunity for M-Sand Dealers and M-Sand traders to come in.
Particularly in the Bangalore region in Karnataka, these dealers and traders make more profits than the manufacturers. M-Sand dealers in Bangalore purchase the material on credit at a lower price and sell it in retail with a hefty profit of up to 30%. This huge profit creates an opportunity for M-sand trader and dealers in the Bangalore region to generate huge capital with minimum investments.
Most of these dealers and traders invest their profit in purchasing heavy vehicles to cut down the cost of transportation and make more profits which allows them to connect the manufacturer to the end customers.
Getting in the business of M Sand dealership and trading in Bangalore and Tumkur region would be a good idea at present due to its high profit and low investment business plan.

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