Manufacturing process of M Sand

M-Sand is cubical fit as a fiddle and is manufactured utilizing innovation like High Carbon steel hit shake and afterward ROCK ON ROCK process which is synonymous to that of common procedure experiencing in waterway sand data. Present day and imported machines are utilized to deliver M-Sand to guarantee required evaluating zone for the sand.


M sand is Manufactured in factory. M-Sand is manufactured sand. M-sand is crushed aggregates produced. 

M Sand is used in the replacement of river sands. M Sand is prepared by crushing the grey stones and crushing down into sands. 

The manufactured sand is produced by various crushing equipment like cone crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher etc. and is a better substitute to river sand for concrete construction. It is produced from suitable stones such as hard granite stone and it is produced by crushing them. The artificial sand is of cubical shape with grounded edges. 

M Sand uses natural coarse aggregates to form, it causes less damage to environment as compared to river sand.

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