Manufactured Sand – From rock mountaints to your home

M-Sand Manufacturing   Mining During mining process mountains in the quarry are broken in to boulder size by drilling and blasting to make it size suitable based in the feeding size of primary jaw crusher. Then then boulders are transported to the stone crushing unit. Crushing Crushing process comprises of 3 different stages each stage[…]

Predominant Differences Between The Plastering M Sand and M Sand

P Sand (Plastering M Sand) P Sand (Plastering M Sand) which is basically used for wall plastering and brickwork purpose. Proper selection of P sand provides plastering strength to the construction structure. The proper and fine quality of sand material is a must when it comes to providing strength to any sort of building and[…]

Buying guide for manufactured sand or M sand

Buying Guide for Manufactured Sand or M Sand

M sand (Manufactured Sand) is the only option left as a substitute while making the concrete due to over exploitation of river sand. But the M Sand we are using is of high-quality? The quality of the M sand is always questionable because of the high demand. Manufacturers of M Sand could use a lower[…]


How does Usage of M-Sand can drastically reduce the cost

Sand is something that you use almost everywhere during the process of construction. Be it the making of concretes or plastering of the walls, sand is one of the basic requirements. But with the ban that has been put on river sand, the manufactured sand has emerged as its solid replacement. In many parts of[…]


Sand Mining – Is it regulated yet in India?

Well, the answer to this question is both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’! While the authorization of the MoEF or the SEIAA has been mandated by the central government, not many of the sand miners actually comply with it. The legal framework had to call for some strict standards, mostly after the demise of Swami[…]