Use Cost-effective M Sand (Manufactured Sand) for Top-Notch Concrete – Stonasand

M Sand (Manufactured Sand) is a substitute for natural sand as the government has banned the digging of natural sand from the river bend. The demand for natural sand in the market is very high and for this reason, the price of natural sand is raised. To ignore the high cost of natural sand, M Sand is produced for concrete construction. Manufactured Sand is produced from hard granite stone by crushing. The crushed piece of sand comes in of cubical shape with rounded edges and the size of the piece is less than 4.75 mm.

Why use M sand for constructions?

As we all know, the demand for the qualitative construction material is tremendously increasing and natural river sand is the top-notch quality and robust concrete material. Causing deficiency of natural river sand in most parts of the world, the price of the natural sand has been increased by 4 times. Due to the depletion of the good quality of river sand and the high prices, the demand of the M Sand has been increased.

This artificial sand is produced by various robust materials by the latest technology (machines). That is more successful and result-oriented in comparison to natural sand. Hence, quality control is maintained in the process of constructing a project by M Sand.

There are several factors that are currently driving the production of M Sand-

  • As we discussed above, the supply of natural sand is restricted. As a result, the availability of the M Sand is throughout the year is consistent.

  • Due to the reason of high demand, natural sand is 4 times costly than M Sand. In short note M sand is cost-effective.

  • M Sand uses fine particles in proper proportion so that it will have fewer voids. Additionally, it uses less amount of cement and the sand will be more economical.

  • Nowadays, the demand of the construction sectors are increasing day by day and the river sand cannot meet the rising demand construction sector. In that case, manufacturing fine aggregates like M Sand for making concrete is an ideal option.

StonaSand is equipped with specialists and the latest technology that helps to manufacture qualitative sand for concrete purposes. It uses the standard number of microfine particles as suggested by the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) while producing M Sand (Manufactured Sand). At the end of the manufacturing, it put the material through a series of quality tests.

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