If Santa is real: what gift would a civil contractor would demand?

Sad Santa Contractor: Hey Santa, it is your time of the year and you don’t seem happy as always! Santa: I am just upset. The environment looks all ruined and damaged, what have you guys done to build concrete forests? Contractor: We didn’t have other options Santa, or did we? Santa: Of course you did![…]

use M-sand to curb sand mining

Use mSand to curb Sand Mining

Love nature, water and greenery around you! Ever thought those tall and fancy buildings can be built without ruining the nature and eroding the lands! Switch to options like manufactured sand from the traditional river sand and do your bit to protect the nature. Thousands of animals die every day coz we destroy their habitat[…]

Advantages of M-sand over river sand

Advantages of Eco-friendly M-Sand

Preserving the Mother Nature and using the natural resources in such a way that it minimizes the destruction of nature is the utmost priority that individuals should think of. For instance, there are many things that you can easily replace with even more convenient and nature-friendly options. The manufactured sand is one of such things[…]

Comparison between mSand usage in India and Developed countries like US

Comparison between M-Sand usage in India and Developed countries like US

Well, we all know about the complications related to sand mining, don’t we?  Excessive erosion of sand-beds, flooding, illegal mafia drifts are all associated with this singular factor. But while on one hand Indian states claim to curb it, the impositions laid by bodies such as BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards is making[…]

M-sand vs River Sand infographics

M-Sand VS River Sand

With the ban that has been imposed on the usage of river sand, repeatedly new options which prove perfect as its alternative come into the picture. One such option is the manufactured sand. Although this is the most reliable replacement in most parts of the world, but due to the lack of awareness people in[…]

Effect of mSand on durability properties of the concrete

Effect of mSand on durability properties of the concrete

When it comes to construction, it can be seen that the amount of concrete that is consumed is quite huge and the sand plays an important role in determining the durability of this concrete. Concrete is basically a mixture that is commonly made up of sand, cement and water. There are various other things as[…]

What Is The Need For Trade Bodies To Popularise M-Sand

What Is The Need For Trade Bodies To Popularise M-Sand

In spite of all the awareness campaigns and legal declarations being made, there is a large group of people still unaware about not using the river sand and considering the option of manufactured sand instead as its replacement. Since the ban has already been put on river sand and its usage for commercial as well[…]


How does Usage of M-Sand can drastically reduce the cost

Sand is something that you use almost everywhere during the process of construction. Be it the making of concretes or plastering of the walls, sand is one of the basic requirements. But with the ban that has been put on river sand, the manufactured sand has emerged as its solid replacement. In many parts of[…]