An eco-friendly decision

If you are even a tiny bit aware of the environment and about the illegal mining of sand, you would know that this has been increasing into a bullish trade over the years. The strength of sand is critical for construction of skyscrapers and mammoth commercial buildings, and so is the protection of river-beds from excessive in-stream mining. So how do you maintain a balance between the two and make sure you contribute your bit towards the conservation of natural resources?

Heard names like mining mafia and illegal sand mining? They earn big money by illegal activities but you can’t do anything about it, or can you? Maybe yes, by bringing into use the manufactured concrete sand instead of the traditional river sand.

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Well, there is perhaps an alternative that has already made its way into the construction sites. Manufactured Sand or M-Sand is created by crushing hard granite or blue stones using stage 3 crushing mechanisms. This kind of sand is man-made and is thus more accurately prepared based on the needs of the building, from 75 to even 4.5 microns. This is perhaps neater, and cleaner of impurities than natural sand.

River sand is extremely useful as it is fine yet strong, and makes for a very good material for constructing a sturdy, sustainable building. But, disproportionate mining is leading to river bank erosion, thereby posing a threat to the people living around it. How do we opt between the two then?

What comes to end this dilemma is the processed blue metal quarry dust or the M-sand. The processing gives it a uniform shape and makes it comparable to the river sand. The price, and the availability? Well, this is a wee bit costlier than its natural counterpart, and is not available as and when needed. But, does this qualify for a reason to deplete naturally available resources just to quench the need for more and more urban requirement?

If you are to believe in what the industry experts foretell, the M-sand availability in the market is definitely going to rise. The intensifying alarm about ecological annihilation, and the checks put on illegal quarrying is reducing the demand for river sand, consequently raising up the requirement for M-sand to more than 600 loads per day to just the city of Bangalore!

With all the reasons and evidences, we ought to make a more eco-friendly decision. Natural sand that comes with all its silt, impurity and the environmental threat, or cleaner, purified, made-to-order M-sand that help construct cities and reconstruct the earth?