What is Msand?

When rock is crushed and sized in a quarry the main aim has generally been to produce coarse aggregates and road construction materials meeting certain specifications. Generally, this process has left over a proportion of excess fines of variable properties, generally finer than 5-mm size. The premixed concrete industry has for some time tried to find ways to utilise this material as a controlled replacement of natural sand. In order to do this it has been recognised that provided the material is appropriately processed and selected from suitable materials then a sand replacement can be produced to meet the highest quality concrete specification. Manufactured sand is defined as a purpose-made crushed fine aggregate produced from a suitable source material. Production generally involves crushing, screening and possibly washing.

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Separation into discrete fractions, recombining and blending may be necessary. It is recognised from both local and overseas experience, that some quarry sources or some rock types within any particular quarry would not be suitable for use as manufactured sand in concrete.

It is clear from the definition for manufactured sand that it was never acceptable for quarries to produce a crusher dust that results from the fine screenings of all quarry crushing and call this material manufactured sand.