Why Msand?

Manufactured Sand is pure sand with every grain being cubular shaped for stronger binding qualities. There is no organic waste or losses due to sifting. It’s eco friendly and usage saves erosion of our river beds.

Conventionally, sand extracted from river beds was used as primary construction sand. Due to increase in demand, river beds are over exploited. This has led to ecological imbalances and consequently the BAN on river sand, making it ILLEGAL. The ONLY solution to fill this gap is Manufactured Sand (M-Sand). StonaSand® is produced by crushing inert igneous rock in a scientific manner by using technologically advanced and sophisticated machinery. The sand produced by this process is free from any impurities, best suited for all kinds of construction due to its shape, size and consistent quality.

PROCESS Manufactured by scientific methods Naturally extracted from river beds Low quality by-product of Stone Crushing Process
SHAPE, SIZE Cubular in shape, most suitable as construction sand Smoother texture, not superior than M- Sand Flaky in shape, not suitable for construction
CONSTRUCTIONAL STRENGTH Higher in strength due to its standard size and shape uniformity Lesser in comparison to M-sand Does not pass strength test prescribed for concrete and other structures
ECO – FRIENDLY Sand manufactured in controlled and covered plant is most eco-friendly solution Harmful to environment as it causes eco imbalance Doesn’t affect the environment as much.
GRADATION It adheres to standards set by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as per IS 383-1970 Zone-II Cannot be controlled Doesn’t adhere to IS 383-1970 or any other standards
COST EFFECTIVE M-Sand price ranges from Rs.600 to Rs. 1200 per metric ton River sand price ranges from Rs.2000 to Rs. 4000 per metric ton Cheaper than both but causes structural safety issues.
PURITY Made by crushing only igneous rocks, hence no contamination or damaging impurities It contains high level of organic and inorganic impurities which are harmful for construction Do not contain high level of impurities
CONCLUSION Best suited for construction due to its shape, size, purity, strength, economy and eco- friendly solution Illegal, scarce, impure, creates eco- imbalance Not suitable for construction.

water cement ratio comparison bewtween river sand and msandCompared to the natural sand, manufactured sand is cheaper.

Comparison of River Sand and Manufactured Sand: A study was conducted at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, to ascertain the suitability of Manufactured Sand as fine aggregate in Concrete (grades of M20, M30) and Cement mortars (ratio 1:4 and 1:6).Tests were conducted to study fresh and hardened properties of the Concrete and Mortars made with river and Manufactured Sand.

Manufactured Sand as fine aggregate in Concrete (grades of M20, M30) It was found that: Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

  1. Grading limits of Manufactured Sand fell within the grading Zone-II of fine aggregates as specified in IS 383.
  2. Shape of the Manufactured Sand particles resembled the shape of river sand particles.
  3. Bulk density and specific gravity of Manufactured Sand were comparable to those of river sand.